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There is nothing I can say, but THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!? It was an excellent event.? No word can describe the cultural energy, connections and collaboration (there's another 3 C's for you!)..that took place on Wednesday.? Thank you for creating history.

Leah Brown, J.D., C.H.C
President and CEO Aten Solutions, Inc. (A10) Clinical?Research and Scientific Staffing?Solutions and Outsourcing

What can I say?? I'm speechless. I have been raving about the forum to anyone who will listen since I returned.? CfWBR produced a comprehensive, high-quality, much-needed forum. As a woman of color, I felt, heard, validated and inspired. The speakers/presenters were top-notch as was the
networking.? You and your team should be held in the highest regard - to pull this off was *no* easy feat. A standing ovation to you and yours!

Lena West, Founder & CEO
xynoMedia Technology

I am?still excited about the marvelous program I attended yesterday which was organized and directed by your wonderful staff at the Center for Women's Business Research.? I was delighted to be invited to join the study, and the price was certainly right!

The program, speakers, venue, refreshments, and handouts were excellent, and of course, the networking was exceptional.? Miraculously, I was selected as one of the winners of the WPO membership.? That just capped the day.? I thank all who developed the day's events.

Dr. Sydney Ann Beckett, President
Elite Sportswear Products Union Church Non-Profit Housing & Development Corporation aka? Beckett Gardens Apartments

As an African American woman and business owner, I found the conference truly enjoyable as well as intellectually stimulating. It was so great to hear women speak about their challenges and others advise on possible solutions.
Great job!

Jacquannette Lewis Chief Operating Officer Global Advertising 1st, Inc.

The Research Forum was personally very enriching and motivating for me.? To be in the midst of?so many self motivated women, discussing and exchanging views and also listening to the panel and presentations, made it a very worthy day.? Thank You and your esteemed organization for the opportunity.? Equally appreciate the efforts of all the other organizations and individuals who were behind the execution of this forum.

Nanthini Parthasarathy,

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for all of the hard work that you and your team did to put on the Philly panel. ?I have attended a few "women's business owners" seminars, meetings, etc. and this was the most valuable one to me.

In the past, most of these types of sessions focus more on start-ups, independents, or 3-5 year old companies. However, in Philadelphia, I found myself at a table with other women who were at least at the same business/revenue stage as me this allowed us to really share our concerns and experiences with other women who were either going thru the same thing or had tackled similar circumstances. ?We were all on the same page; all four of us named the same challenges (i.e., infrastructure, hiring executive level staff, exit strategies) it was amazing!!?

So, thank you again for recognizing the need for this study.?

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