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It is difficult to express how grateful I am for having been given the opportunity to serve as a facilitator for the Acceleratingthe Growth of Businesses Owned by Women of Color Research Forum held in Atlanta.

From the moment I first learned about this groundbreaking NATIONAL research project, I've been interested in tracking its progress as forums were hosted in other cities across the country.? When given the opportunity to actually be a part of the project, I was so honored.? There is no need to attempt to restate the obvious benefits of such a research project as this we all agree that knowledge is power.? Identifying the barriers that prevent or retard the growth of businesses owned by women of color will serve to increase the odds of overcoming those barriers for these women, and more importantly, for their daughters and granddaughters.? Your very own statistics prove that when women owned businesses are successful, they contribute substantially to the overall economic and social well being of our country.

As important as the research is, it is equally as important to have the right team of dedicated professionals to manage the project.? Gwen and her staff covered all the bases from the use of state of the art technology in gathering data, to their sensitivity to the human aspects because sometimes you need a little ice cream!? They were fantastic.

Although I would like to speak for all women of color who are striving to develop, sustain and grow their own businesses, I cannot.? I can, however speak for myself, my daughters, granddaughter, nieces, and cousins.? From all of us ?- THANK YOU.

I wish you continue success and look forward to the results.

All the best,

Debra L. Stokes
Eloge Enterprises LLC

It was a pleasure to meet you Gwen at the conference last week in Atlanta. It was a great event filled with valuable information. Thank you for all you do.


Nancy Lewis
Progressive Techniques, Inc.

Thank you for providing the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful, informative forum.

Carolynne P. Mather
President, KidsWorldEnrichmentCenter


I can't say enough Thank You for the conference in Atlanta. I really took a hard look at things after the conference and all of the inspiring stories and decided it was time to move forward with my business..again, thank you thank you thank you for giving me the extra boost from being around other successful, inspirational and "go for the gusto" minority women.

Tammy Camper, PMP, SPHR
President & Principal Resultant
Strategic Transformation Partners


I want to thank you for including me at the AtlantaCenter for Women's Business Research forum. It was a powerful day.

I wrote three powerful strategies and commitments to myself. When I had the opportunity to debrief with Becky, I was pleased to share how my participation at the CWBR Atlanta was a true catalyst?to launch?the Magnificent Women Organization. It is a niche organization--serving women of accomplishment who are executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals on enhancing their marketing and self-advocacy on the job and in the market.? We serve women executives and women business owners with executive career concierge services, personal branding conferences, coaching, and more. We operate from a position of strength and serve the ground-breakers and leaders with our services designed to enhance their continued success. We actively seek affiliations with existing women organizations to fill this personal branding space and enhance their members with our approach.

We kicked off a multi-city tour in Atlanta, GA on September 26, 2007, and will travel to Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Chicago, Princeton, and Boston. We have rave reviews, glowing feedback, and we're off to Los Angeles next.


Cheryl Scales
Magnificent Women Organization

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